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The First Note


A to G Music is dedicated to educating and developing musical growth, creative appreciation and expression in all students, regardless of age or skill level. A to G Music service fosters lifelong qualities such as empathy and self-discipline and fosters a love for creativity and the arts regardless of their life pursuit, musical skill set or otherwise. The lessons are personalized to each student and their policy is to have fun with your lessons.

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•To ensure highest quality of music lessons taught by passionate instructors

•To foster a love for music and fine arts into every student


•To encourage students to be self confident and proud of their ability and training


•To provide students with a solid musical foundation 


•To help students develop creative, intuitive and intellectual capabilities


•To enrich the cultural and educational life of the studio, city and community through excellence in instruction and performance

The Future Sounds Good


There are many proven scientific studies that show how music is very beneficial to children. Music cultivates little learners. Music Matters, a report by U.S. coalition Arts Education Partnership, highlights four key ways music can help children learn: It can enhance fine motor skills, prepare the brain for achievement, boost memory and even improve abstract reasoning. 



Music inspires a creative spirit. Whether it’s making up the lyrics to songs or dancing wildly to the beat, children will tap into their inner creative spirit. As the Royal Conservatory of Music explains, there is a “marked difference in inter-hemispheric communication (communication between the right and left sides of the brain) in individuals with musical training.” It is believed this greater connectivity fosters creativity. Last but not least, music builds confidence. With music, kids can express themselves, improve their skills and practice performing in front of others. 

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